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You Need A Place That Helps Creating Custom Design Fashion special Your Family & Community

  • At Central Java, Wonogiri, Indonesia

  • We assure a free design for your first order


Professional and experienced community Fashion Design

You've Come To The Right Place

We are produce a batics fabrics and custom design of batic's motif fabrics or else. What do you want, We help you, creating your needs!

  • 7 Years Of Experience

    We work and build this bussiness from 2012, making unique batics. Till now, you can see and get what you are looking for

  • Handmade Proccess

    We produce the fabrics with handmade proccess, with wax, canthing and using more tools to drawing beautifull motif

Committed to helping our client and customers

Our Service Areas

  • Design Motif

    We help you getting a special design for custom fashion

  • Producing Fabrics

    We producing the fabrics of your custom design

  • Handmade Procces

    We create that fabrics by handmade procces

  • Domestic and International

    Our market to domestic and international customers

batik tulis batik custom wonogiri sidobatik
motif tapak sakti by sidobatik

Why Choose Our Product

  • One

    Excellent Design

    This is original design by sidobatik and special custom motif to your fashion

  • Two


    This is a handmade procces of colouring and waxing

  • Three

    Indonesian's Batics

    Original batics from Indonesia

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    Our story and home of creative

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